AQ Lash

Who doesn't want longer, thicker, natural-looking eyelashes? This is the product you have been waiting for! AQ Lash offers fibroblast technology to help improve and restore growth of your natural lashes like you've never seen before. 


Results in clinical studies have been comparable to a leading prescription but at a lower cost and without the risks of eye and lid discoloration.  It also can be used on both the upper AND lower lid as well as the eyebrows!


The system comes in a kit complete with 30 days of treatment including 30 single-use applicators and a dropper bottle. The solution is non-irritating and easy to use. It can also be applied on the eyebrows!


Vaginal Rejuvenation System

With time and with falling hormone levels, the vaginal tissue loses its natural lubrication and elasticity. This often leads to dryness and even pain. Sometimes this condition will limit or prevent intimacy and can cause disruption in the marriage or relationship.


AQ DVS Vaginal Rejuvenation System is an easy at-home treatment consisting of 6 treatments done at bedtime once weekly. The fibroblast technology helps to improve natural elasticity and lubrication of the vagina.







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