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Emsella is a revolutionary way to treat urinary incontinence with NO DOWNTIME and NO PAIN!  Emsella is a simple office procedure that uses electromagnetic energy to cause contractions in the muscles that support the bladder and other pelvic organs. Multiple contractions of the same muscles will cause improved strength (similar to working out). The device has recently been cleared by the FDA.

A series of 6 treatments are recommended -- 2 treatments weekly for 3 weeks. The patient sits (fully clothed) on a simple chair-like machine in the office. Each treatment session lasts only about 30 minutes. The patient can watch TV or read a book or magazine during the treatment and can return to normal activity immediately after the procedure since there is no down-time. 

Patients are saying this procedure has been life-changing! Already, many patients are throwing away their pads and others are going to the beach in a swimsuit without worrying about leakage.

Studies showed that 95% of patients were pleased with the results in just 6 treatments! Follow-up on the patients in the studies showed continued results at 6 months. Because this treatment causes improved strength of the muscles of the pelvis, most likely maintenance treatments will be needed 1-2 times annually. Think about it like this...if you went to the gym and exercised for several months and got in really good shape then suddenly stopped, do you think you would stay in good shape forever? The good news is that with absolutely no downtime and multiple symptoms of the bladder having improvement, a simple maintenance treatment every now and then is definitely going to be worth it!

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