3 Treatments You Need to Try

Are you looking to improve your skin and lessen the signs of aging? Well, then it is time for you to head over to a day spa to help you put your best face forward.

There are many treatments on the market that will help you with any skin woe you may have, from a double chin, lack of radiance, stubborn wrinkles, or crows feet.

So go to the spa and sign up for these effective treatments ASAP!


Kybella is a synthetic version of a substance your body makes naturally and will help to absorb fat under your chin. This deoxycholic acid works to destroy fat cells when it is injected in the body and is used to reduce double chins. Simply put, the acid will eat away the fat where injected while leaving the rest of your cells healthy and intact. The is a permanent treatment and is done in the office in less than 30 minutes without anesthesia. Most patients do require 4-6 treatments at 6-8 week intervals.


Botox is a neurotoxin used primarily to treat muscular conditions and facial wrinkles by temporarily weakening muscles. Typically, wrinkles are divided into two functional categories, fine surface lines caused by ultraviolet light and deep furrows caused by muscle contractions.

Even though the majority of these wrinkles can be prevented by wearing protective clothing and sunscreen whenever you are in the sun, Botox can be used for those pesky wrinkles that never seem to go away. The procedure is non-invasive and can be safely completed in a doctor's office. There is minimal down time, so you will be good to go as soon as the procedure is done! Some minor bruising may occasionally occur, however.

Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Have acne scars that have stuck around since you were a teenager? Dark spots or melasma? Then it's time you were treated by a skin specialist with some skin resurfacing treatments. Microdermabrasion is a medical form of exfoliation which will remove the uneven dead skin cells from your face, revealing glowing and even skin underneath! It has been clinically proven to be effective for those with wrinkles, fine lines, oily skin, and can be used to remove comedones as well.

Chemical peels similarly remove skin layers but by chemical manner. There are many types of chemical peels and each one is geared specifically for certain skin concerns. These are NOT the peels that are done in the operating room. These peels are done within 5-10 minutes in a doctor's office and have minimal downtime. Mild redness may occur for 24-48 hours but makeup may be applied soon thereafter.

If any of these treatments sound as if they would be beneficial to your skin, call Allure Laser and Medical Spa today at 903-957-34509 for a consultation and appointment to get your skin back to a glowing, youthful state!

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