Calling All Men: Keep the Razor Burn and Bumps Away With These Top Shaving Tips

Hair removal can be a real pain. We've all been there: aiming for a clean, smooth shave, but left with cuts, razor bumps, rosy cheeks, and painful razor burn. Sick of shaving shame? Don't worry guys, we have some quick and easy tips on how to both prevent and relieve razor burn.

Start with a clean razor and skin

While we all know how important it is to use a clean razor, too many guys reuse disposable razors over and over. Plus, it can sometimes be easy to forget that our skin gets dirty too! Make sure to wash your face before you shave, and always, always keep your razor away from the shower. Your shower's humidity breeds rust and bacteria which can cause those blemishes to pop up everywhere. Dermatologists recommend replacing your razor every two weeks at the very least, and to rinse it with hot water and soap every time you shave.

Shave with the grain

Going against the grain is behind all those ingrown hairs you have! Shaving with the grain not only will give you the closest shave, it will prevent any bumps and irritation.

Water is not your friend

It may be easier to ditch your shaving gel and shave with only water, but this can cause razor burn, as your razor is not gliding over your skin smoothly. Whether it is a shave oil or a gel to foam, use shaving cream regularly every time you shave to keep the redness at bay.

Practice the one-stroke rule

Never shave over a patch of skin that has already been shaven. Try your hardest to keep your razor strokes to one and one only, as a sharp razor against bare skin is a recipe for disaster. Also, remember not to press your razor into your skin; instead, keep it flush against the surface.

Invest in laser hair removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair and invest in laser hair removal treatments! Most patients will have long-lasting reduction in unwanted hair after an average of three to eight sessions of laser hair removal, so you will not have to worry about razor burn on your sensitive skin ever again. Interested in learning more about laser treatments in Sherman, TX? Come make an appointment at Allure Medical Spa today and say goodbye to those pesky bumps for good.

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