Is FotoFacial RF Right For Me?

A number of people nationwide look in the mirror and find something that they dislike about themselves. Rosy cheeks, liver spots, excess hair growth, and crows feet are some of the most common things that aesthetic skin specialists see every day.

The skin Cancer Foundation says that 90% of all skin changes are caused by the sun, leading many to believe that the damage is irreversible. However, technology has allowed us to turn back the clock and rejuvenate the skin to give us a healthy, youthful appearance. FotoFacial RF treatments have risen in popularity in recent years, becoming one of the most asked for treatments on the market. But how does it work?

What are FotoFacial RF treatments?

FotoFacial rejuvenates the face, neck, hands, and body by using intense pulsed light and radio frequency in a gentle, noninvasive pulsing motion in order to enhance the appearance of skin affected by wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, and other skin disorders and conditions. Since the procedure is noninvasive, there is no recovery time. FotoFacial treatments are outpatient procedures that can be conducted in a comforting spa setting, but only by licensed medical professionals. Each treatment only takes about half an hour, but the best results come after about five well-spaced treatments.

Who is the best candidate for a FotoFacial treatment?

The beauty of this treatment method is that just about anyone with a visible skin imperfection is a good candidate for this treatment. Some of the most common skin conditions that FotoFacial can treat are:

  • Rosacea or other skin flushing, including broken capillaries and spider veins.

  • Hyper-pigmentation such as sun spots, age spots, dark freckles, or acne scarring.

  • Chronic sun damage from sun burn, peeling, or melanoma scarring.

  • Wrinkles and loose skin. The intense pulsed light and radio frequency waves stimulate collagen production in the skin, allowing the face to fill out to a more youthful state without any injectables. No other treatment offers this type of result.

If you are considering FotoFacial RF or any other treatment for any of your unwanted skin imperfections, look no further. Allure Laser and Medical Spa employs experienced medical professionals that can help you identify the best treatment for your skin, specifically. Call us to schedule a free consultation with one of our nurses or PAs, or to hear about any of the other treatments that we offer.

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