Mona Lisa Touch Solving an Often Ignored Condition Among Post-Menopausal Women

As they age, women will encounter a number of bodily changes from graying hair to wrinkles. The anti-aging skincare industry is extremely valuable in particular, generating $2.1 billion in 2013. As skin loses its elasticity, many women turn to cosmetic procedures like Botox and skin rejuvenation. But in other parts of the body, losing elasticity in the skin means much more than lacking a youthful glow. Vaginal atrophy affects a number of post-menopausal women, causing pain and dryness. This condition makes sexual intercourse practically impossible. It can also cause bladder, vaginal, and urinary tract infections, which are all painful and frustrating. But vaginal atrophy doesn't have to control the level of intimacy you have with your partner, nor will you have to live with the discomfort on a day-to-day basis. Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser treatment has been proven effective to combat the unpleasant condition and restore the vagina's natural elasticity. But how?

How Mona Lisa Touch Works

Mona Lisa Touch treatments use a vaginal laser to deliver carbon dioxide to the vaginal tissue. The CO2 delivers a very moderate thermal effect, which induces collagen production and increased blood flow to the tissue. This stimulation restores vaginal elasticity, relieving pain or dryness without the use of lubricants, ointments, or hormones. The procedure itself lasts only about five minutes per session. A series of three sessions over six weeks' time is usually enough to restore the vagina to it's more youthful, pre-menopausal state. Thereafter, most women require one treatment annually to maintain the healthy tissue.

Who is a Good Candidate for Mona Lisa Touch?

Vaginal atrophy doesn't just happen to post-menopausal women. There are a number of other conditions that can cause this symptom. If you've undergone or are currently going through any of the following, Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser treatment may be right for you:

  • Perimenopause, or the years leading up to menopause

  • Surgical menopause, or the removal of both ovaries

  • Premature menopause, either occurring naturally or due to surgery (due to endometriosis or other conditions)

  • Chemotherapy

  • Any breast cancer hormonal therapy

If you're experiencing vaginal discomfort for any of the reasons listed above, this treatment could help you. Book a free consultation by calling 903-957-0275 to schedule a time to meet with one of the qualified medical professionals we have on staff to evaluate your areas of concern and begin treatment as soon as possible. Please remember also that we see many women for this procedure who are not regular gynecology patients in our clinic (patients that have and continue to see other local physicians).

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