Botox VS. Kybella: What's the Difference?

The world of beauty is forever changing. Today, there are plenty of different cosmetic procedures to choose from that will help you achieve exactly the look you desire, whether it is getting rid of liver spots, wrinkles, or Rosacea. However, all these options can get overwhelming, and you may not know what to choose for your specific cosmetic needs. This is especially true for injectables, as there are different types depending on your needs and wants. The two most popular forms of injectable treatments are Botox and Kybella, but many women are only familiar with the former. If you're wondering about the difference between Botox and Kybella, here is everything you need to know about these popular injectables.


When it's used as a cosmetic treatment, Botox is designed to relax your facial muscles. Since Botox injects straight into the muscle, it is a great treatment for wrinkles (from motion like in the upper face and forehead) as it will erase the fine lines on the face and relieve stress deep within the muscle. Typically, wrinkles can be divided into two functional categories -- fine surface lines caused by sun exposure and UV light, and deep furrows, caused by repeated muscle contraction. Both of these wrinkle types can be treated with Botox, but you may require multiple injections to get the results you achieve. Benefits of Botox treatment:

  • Temporarily weakens facial muscles to eliminate wrinkles.

  • Can be used for the treatment of migraines (when done by pain doctors or neurologists).

  • Can be used to prevent excessive sweating (in some dermatology offices).


Kybella is another injectable, but, instead of affecting muscles, it is used to destroy fat cells. Kybella is an FDA approved injection that is meant to destroy fat specifically under the chin, instead of having invasive surgery performed. The active ingredient in Kybella, deoxycholic acid, breaks down fat cells, which are then naturally absorbed into the body. Benefits of this Kybella treatment:

  • Minimally invasive and not painful.

  • A permanent treatment that does not usually require any additional treatments.

  • Slimming of the jawline creates a more youthful look.

  • Minimal bruising and swelling.

Both Kybella and Botox offer many different benefits, depending on the cosmetic look you'd like to achieve. If you are interested in learning more about injectables and how they can benefit your appearance, talk to your doctor or aesthetic specialist!

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