Four Things Botox Can Do Besides Treat Wrinkles

Americans care a great deal about their skin. In 2004 alone, Americans (both adults and teenagers alike) spent approximately $2.2 billion on acne treatment. There's nothing wrong with wanting flawless, smooth skin, but the problem comes when we try to find it by looking in the wrong places. Face it, that half-off skin cream in the drug store probably isn't going to make you look like a model. Instead of wasting your money on products that won't benefit you in the long run, consider doing some Internet-investigating on med spas and Botox treatment. Botox isn't really the scary cosmetic procedure many people think it is. In fact, Botox is a nonsurgical treatment that can do a lot more than smooth wrinkles. Here are some other fascinating, and amazing, things Botox can do for you:

1. Acne management Botox can help you control acne breakouts when given in small doses. Small injections over time, typically in the forehead, can help to reduce oil production in your face and therefore help to reduce breakouts.

2. Soften your jawline If you tend to grind your teeth, you can cause the muscles in your jawline to widen, causing facial soreness and pain in your face and neck. A Botox injection can help reduce this pain by relaxing the muscle along the jawline, causing it to narrow and shrink. This effect can last over the course of a year, leaving you relatively pain free!

3. Stop excessive sweating The average person perspires up to six liters of sweat a day. Those suffering from hyperhidrosis, a genetic condition causing excessive sweating, sweat twice as much as the average person which can be a cause of serious embarrassment. Botox can help by blocking the neurotransmitters between your nerves and your sweat glands up to six months. When the nerves fail to send messages to the sweat glands, the sweat glands don't release sweat.

4. Manage migraines Even those suffering from migraines can benefit from a Botox injection. Botox was created as a means of treating facial conditions such as neck spasms and muscular disorders in the eyes. Therefore, when injected, it relaxes the muscles in the face and head so when you're experiencing a migraine it can help reduce the pain sometimes almost immediately.

5. Help overactive bladder Some bladder specialists are now using Botox to help relax the muscles in the bladder. This muscle is called the detrusor muscle and can be overactive in men or women. People with overactive bladder suffer from urinary frequency (frequent trips to the bathroom), have to get up several times a night to urinate and sometimes will have embarrassing accidents because of loss of urine control.

Botox in med spas can be used for cosmetic treatment of wrinkles, but it's also incredibly helpful for an array of ailments and personal insecurities. Botox is made from a neurotoxin extracted from the bacteria Clostridium botulinum as a means of treating facial conditions and spasms. Therefore, it's no surprise in med spas that a professional application can cure you of more than just crows feet!

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