How To Use Anti-Aging Products With Sensitive Skin

Many women choose to undergo cosmetic procedures for anti-aging purposes. Those who don't will often use other methods such as skin care products or makeup to reduce forehead lines, liver spots, and crow’s feet.

However, both surgical and nonsurgical anti-aging treatments can be tricky for those who have sensitive skin. Your face may be free of fine lines and wrinkles, but your sensitive skin has now graced you with acne, redness, rosacea or even broken blood vessels. What's a girl to do?

Fortunately, there are ways women with sensitive skin can benefit from the same anti-aging products and procedures as those without it.

Use the right sun protection

Those who use sunscreen with an SPF higher than 15 every day show up to 24% less skin aging than those who don't. However, applying sunscreen every day when you can sensitive skin can be a nightmare of itchiness and reddened patches.

If this sounds familiar to you, consider switching to a sunscreen that's chemical-free and uses natural ingredients. Sunscreens that have ingredients such as aloe, oatmeal, and chamomile will keep your skin irritant-free. We have several products for sensitive skin or you can ask your doctor what may be best for your particular concerns. Most over-the-counter sunscreens will not be suitable, however.

Use retinol for wrinkle treatment

Injectables such as Botox are proven to be very effective. In fact, the anti-aging effect of Botox was an accidental find by patients using it for facial muscle relaxation in the muscles around the eyes years ago. If you have sensitive skin, topical products with retinol can help reduce wrinkles without making you breakout, but all retinol products are not created equal. Consider a special retinol product particularly for sensitive skin. These are only available in doctors’ offices and medical spas.

Retinol products that have other natural ingredients such as oat derivatives can help reduce the risk of skin inflammation while giving you all the anti-aging benefits you need. Additionally, products that contain humectants can help your skin stay hydrated to prevent sensitivity.

Use natural ingredients for dark spots

Rather than using skin-lightening products to remove dark spots from your face, try using products that contain natural amino acids. Natural amino acids and ingredients like soy can help reduce hyperpigmentation in the skin without irritating the surface.

Additionally, as mentioned before, use sunscreen that's chemical-free to prevent dark spots from forming. Without sunscreen, the products you use won't be able to alleviate hyperpigmentation.

Finding anti-aging products that work for sensitive skin doesn't have to be a challenge. Allure Laser & Medical Spa offers a variety of skin care options for those with both dry, sensitive, and oily skin. For more information on the best products for you, contact Allure Laser & Medical Spa today for a FREE skin consultation.

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