What You Need to Know Before Your Chemical Peel

Skin…the largest, most annoying organ on the body. About 85% of people have (or have had) acne sometime in their lives. Beginning in puberty, it can stay with people into their 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s. Most of you probably remember what that was like, and some might still be seeing the aftermath. A lot of people also suffer acne in adulthood unexpectedly especially when hormone levels begin to change.

If not treated early and carefully in younger years, acne can produce visible scars that last into adulthood and remain. They aren't particularly harmful but can do damage to confidence and self-image. And we don't want that!

Fortunately, there are cosmetic options to treat scarred skin and return it to its former flawlessness. The chemical peel is one of those options. While the name "chemical peel" sounds a certain level of intimidating, we assure you it's not. It's a wonderful procedure that can rejuvenate your skin and build confidence that will make you shine even brighter, but before you jump into it, here's what you should know.

What Is It?

Yes, the word "chemical" can cause people to shy away, but trust us, it's nothing terrifying. Your skin has layers. When damage is done to the skin, chemical peels treat it with a chemical solution that causes your skin to peel (not necessarily in obvious way) and heal, revealing a healthy, new layer of blemish-free skin. Think of it like chemical-based skin rejuvenation.

Schedule a Consultation

Like any cosmetic procedure, it's not one to jump into. Just because you're excited about new, flawless skin, doesn't mean you should just read this post and buy one later today. Skincare specialists know best, so get a consultation first. Chemical peels aren't for everyone. We offer FREE consultations.

Levels Of Intensity

Chemicals peels are good for a variety of candidates beyond those with acne scarring. Chemical peels are NOT all the same. The effects depend on the chemical makeup of the peel itself. There are peels that are good for frown lines, forehead lines, crows feet, non-acne related facial scars, sun damaged skin, hydration and more. Based on the level of need and the severity of skin issues, there are different tiers of chemical peel:

  1. Superficial: A light acid (we know it sounds oxymoronic) is used to penetrate the upper skin layer and treats mild skin issues like light acne scarring and rough skin patches. It isn't limited to facial treatment.

  2. Medium: This treatment gets through the upper and middle layers of skin to help with dark spots, discoloration, lines, and wrinkles.

  3. Deep: As with the name, this treatment deeply penetrates the middle layer of skin for removing damaged skin cells. The most intense treatment, this will help with scars, age spots, and more severe cases of discoloration. The healing times and processes vary per patient, per treatment. These peels are the ones that have the most down-time. They are usually done as an outpatient surgery procedure by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist. Your doctor will put together the best post-peel healing regiment for your body when deep peels are done. We do not offer deep peels at Allure.

Skin is so wonderfully diverse and taking time to make it beautiful is important to your health and image. That's why dermatology is such a massive branch of medicine. It's an often neglected part of the body that takes more damage than we're aware of. If the appearance of your skin is dissatisfying to you, take action. Go and talk to a specialist. You might be surprised at how easy and painless it is to give your shine a little boost. Free consultations are available at Allure Laser & Medical Spa.

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