How Can I Fight Back Against Dry Winter Weather?

Winter weather has quickly approved, which means dry weather will soon be sucking the moisture right from your skin. Dry winter weather can make your skin itchy and uncomfortable. It can even cause break-outs. Fortunately, there are a few ways you can take better care of your skin this winter season. How can I fight back against the winter weather? Sensitive skin can be even more sensitive during the winter months. To help you fight back against dry air and UV rays, consider the following skin care tips to keep your own skin healthy and glowing this season: Wear sunscreen. During the winter, the Earth is further away from the sun. But this doesn't mean you're not being exposed to the sun's UV rays. It's recommended to wear sunscreen that SPF 30 or higher during the winter months to protect you from sunburn. Limit your time in the shower. It's all too easy to take a long, hot shower during the cooler winter months. Unfortunately, the hot temperatures of the water can dry out your skin even more. Get a humidifier. If you don't already own a humidifier, consider investing in one to rescue your skin this winter. Although it may not be too cold outside in Texas, the dry air can still take a toll. Use the right moisturizer. Some moisturizers are made with chemicals that can actually dry out your skin. Instead, opt-in for moisturizers that are oil-based to promote your skin's natural oil protection. Drink plenty of water. You might be more conscious of your water intake during the summer months when temperatures are crazy-high. But it's important that you're also staying hydrated during the cooler months, too. You need to keep your skin hydrated both on the outside and the inside.

Looking for professional skin care for sensitive skin? Winter can take a major toll on your skin, especially if you're one of the 3% of all people who suffer from psoriasis. Fortunately, even if you have sensitive skin, you can benefit from the skin care treatments of Allure Laser & Medical Spa. Whether you're looking for acne treatment, skin rejuvenation, or injectables for wrinkles, Allure Laser & Medical Spa has the skin care treatment for you. To learn more or to schedule your appointment, contact Allure Laser & Medical Spa today.

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