5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Crow's Feet

As we age, changes occur in our skin. Wrinkles can form all over the human face. Many people have worry lines on their foreheads, smile lines around their mouth, and crows feet around their eyes. Typically these sneak up on us so we may not notice them when we look at ourselves in the mirror every day, but, when we see ourselves in photographs, they can pop out from almost nowhere. As upsetting as seeing them can be, there are things that can be done to diminish or get rid of them. Even complete removal is not permanent. To get a sense of how popular treatments for wrinkles are, the global anti-aging market in the US for 2018 was estimated to be worth about $50.2 BILLION. The growth in the market is expected to exceed $66 BILLION by 2023.

If you are looking for treatments to prevent crows feet, you have a number of options available to you. This is not a "one size fits all situation." Different people often are looking for different results. Some people combine several kinds of treatment to get the result they want.

1. You can use a topical cream. There are some prescription and over the counter creams that can work well to deal with fine lines around the eyes. Retin-A (also known as Tretinoin) is a prescription compound while retinol (an over-the-counter cousin) is found in a number of creams to prevent crows feet and acne. This helps by helping the body make new skin. You can also use moisturizing creams that can produce similar results. These can help with fine lines but are not recommended for deep wrinkles. If you are using a cream, you should see results in about six months. A topical gel called Revox is also very helpful.

2. You can have injections. Injections of the botulinum toxin are some of the most popular cosmetic treatments around. Commonly used brand-names are Botox, Xeomin and Dysport. This type of treatment is the most popular treatment for wrinkles in women over the age of 35 and is an effective way to prevent crows feet. It is better for fine lines but can be combined with fillers for deeper wrinkles.

With this procedure, small needles are used to inject the product directly into areas affected by wrinkles. It works because it weakens the muscles from being able to contract. This can make the wrinkles appear less severe or even remove them completely. The treatment works best on dynamic wrinkles or those that appear mostly when muscles contract, as when you smile. One common misconception is that these treatments prevent people from making facial expressions. This treatment does not impact a person's ability to show emotion. This treatment is good for about three months.

3. You can opt for a chemical peel. These are great at reducing the look of crows feet and making the skin look brighter, healthier, and younger. The creams take off the outer layer of the skin to reveal healthier skin underneath. The kind of peel offered by most spas is the superficial peel. Superficial peels are most commonly applied by an esthetician who has the right certification. These are mostly painless and do not need any real downtime. These should be repeated, a good interval between peels is two to four weeks until you get the results you are looking for.

4. You can use dermal fillers. These also are called "soft-tissue filters" and are used for crows feet. There are different kinds of fillers. Fillers are injectables for wrinkles, like Botox, but work differently. They work great for wrinkles that are static, meaning they can be seen on your face all of the time. They are injected with a small needle into the area directly. The average time they will last is anywhere between three and 12 months. Some people report longer times.

5. You can have a laser resurfacing done. This takes off more of the layers of skin, so it is similar to a chemical peel but goes deeper. People report looking anywhere between 10 and 20 years younger. The healing process can last for several weeks. You can expect the results to last for up to 10 years. These types of lasers are most commonly done by a physician.

People want to look young. The good news is there are many effective options to do just that. Younger looking skin is possible.

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