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Vampire Facial


What is it!

While the name can be a bit confusing, this treatment is a combination of a microneedling (using the SkinPen® system), followed by the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). “The PRP is derived from the serum portion of the blood, which contains platelets. The platelets contain high levels of growth factors, which, when applied to the skin, will stimulate cell turnover.”   

In laymen’s terms: It’s a facial that uses your own blood and platelets to help promote the healthy activity of your skin cells. Our skin is naturally comprised of red blood cells and serum, which contain our white blood cells and platelets. Growth factors from platelets are responsible for healing injuries, but platelets also promote growth of new collagen, boost elasticity and help increase blood flow! 

Treat yourself to healthier skin!

Anyone who would like improved tone and a fresher appearance to the skin can benefit from this treatment. Aside from the discomfort of having the blood drawn and the microneedling, there are minimal risks. In procedures using deeper microneedles, we do encourage application of a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure. 

Redness is to be expected following the procedure as well as some possible bruising and swelling but this is minimal. We do usually ask patients to leave the PRP serum in place for several hours which may feel a bit dry and tight. Most patients are able to wash their face and apply makeup the next day. More advanced techniques use deeper needles (with local anesthetic) and are very well tolerated. Any residual redness, flaking or bruising is usually gone by 7-10 days. Most patients, however, only have a bit of redness for about a day.







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