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Earlobe Rejuvenation

Skin Consultations at Allure Laser & Medical Spa are designed to provide a thorough assessment of all areas of your skin, revealing areas of concern, discovering underlying causes of skin conditions and providing treatment plans. We are driven by science, research and results, continually redefining cosmetic excellence.

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Earlobe Injections

The Benefits

- less lobe sagging

- refine wrinkles on earlobes

- younger looking ears

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What is Earlobe Rejuvenation?

Most people are aware that fillers can be used to treat wrinkles or lines on the face, but most are unaware that fillers can be also easily be used in the earlobes to help with sagging, dangly earlobes.

This quick procedure is practically painless and is quite affordable.


Call our office today at 903-957-3409 to come in for a free consultation to discuss how this simple procedure may be life-changing for you!

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