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Hand Rejuvenation

Concerned about aging hands? Ask Allure to help you restore your youthful hands. At our Sherman TX location we are able to offer several medical techniques that produce quick results. 

Holding Hands


Hand Restoration

The Benefits

- no downtime

- instant results

- good for all skin tones

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Aging hands is natural and we can help?

Natural aging leads to fat loss in the face AND hands! This condition is often overlooked and considered "normal", but it can be very distressful to the patient.

Dr. DeAn Strobel and her highly trained and experienced staff have many options for improving not only fat loss but also the skin itself.​

How we help?

Fotofacial RF and Laser Genesis are both wonderful laser treatments to improve the skin on the hands. Medical-grade hand care product Lumiquin helps to restore elasticity, reduce darkly colored spots and improve moisture while dermal fillers such as Radiesse can help minimize the effects of fat loss by restoring fullness to the hand so that underlying structures such as bones, tendons and veins are not visible.

There is no downtime with the biggest risks usually only being bruising and swelling which only lasts a short while. 

Hand Injections Before and After Results

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