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Hair Restoration

At Allure, we care about your hair! Hair is an important feature to anyone style. Sporting baldness is completely fine, but if you are like 56% of Americans who struggle with hair thinning or baldness and you want to do something about it, we can help!



Hair Restoration

The Benefits

- promotes natural hair growth

- good for any age

- good for all hair types

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What is hair loss?

Thinning hair refers to minor to moderate hair loss. Unlike widespread hair loss, thinning hair doesn't necessarily cause baldness. It does, however, give the appearance of thinner spots of hair on your head.  Source:

Dr. DeAn Strobel strives to thoroughly evaluate the condition to rule out contributing disease states, hormonal causes as well as vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies and offers a comprehensive treatment plan which includes medications and PRP or platelet-rich plasma.

Who would benefit from Hair Restoration?

Hair loss or thinning (and even balding) is a condition commonly seen in both men and women. This condition is often overlooked and considered "normal", but it can be very distressful to the patient. We take hair thinning seriously!

About the Process?

PRP injections have been used successfully for many years in hair restoration specialty clinics around the world. Now, Allure is offering this life-changing procedure to patients right here in Texoma. The treatments involve a series of injections into the scalp and hair follicles using a tiny needle. The treatment is repeated every 6 weeks until desired results are achieved.

*Patients do need a medical evaluation first which can be done through Dr. Strobel's medical clinic across the street from the office or any other doctor specializes in hair loss evaluations and exams.


PRP Hair Injections for Healthy Hair Growth

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