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Hair Thinning & Hair Loss



Hair Thinning & Hair Loss

Treatment Options

  • Lab evaluation

  • Prescription oral medications

  • Prescription topical medications

  • Injections

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Why does hair loss or hair thinning occur?

Hair loss or thinning is one of the most bothersome conditions that can affect patients. This is a common complaint among patients of all ages. While there can be NUMEROUS factors that can contribute to hair loss (or eyebrow or eyelash thinning), most clinics tend to check a couple of labs then, if normal, will disregard the complaint as "not important".


At Allure Laser & Medical Spa, we take hair loss seriously. Once evaluated by our experienced staff, the client may be asked to have a thorough and complete workup. While we do offer treatments that are designed to improve hair regrowth, we certainly do not want to find and assist in treating a cause for hair loss.


Some of the most commonly seen causes are :  menopause, declining hormones, medications, severe stress/illness/surgery, pregnancy and childbirth, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, and vitamin D deficiency

Our solution

Thinning hair is one of the most common problems we see in both men and women. Treating the problem has traditionally been next to impossible without expensive medications or surgery.


Now we are proud to offer incredible new treatment options for male and female patients to slow hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. The journey begins with a thorough lab evaluation followed a discussion of the options which usually include specific vitamins and supplements and prescription medications. Those patients with more resistant hair conditions may require monthly PRP (platelet-rich plasma) scalp injections. Each treatment takes only about 5-10 minutes and is done quickly in the office without the need for anesthesia.


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