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Tired Droopy Eyes


Treatment Options

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Do you look tired even when you're not?! Loss of fat (or volume) in the face could be the culprit.

Fat loss in the face is a huge contributor to looking "tired". This is NOT corrected with neurotoxins but rather replacement of the lost fat with a type of filler.  The filler chosen depends upon which area is to be treated.  Our experienced injectors will discuss this at the time of consultation.


Some people feel like the loss of fat causes "dark circles" under the eyes. This is most notable in fair-skinned individuals but can be seen in almost any skin type. When fat deposits decline with time (or significant weight loss), the underlying blood vessels are closer to the skin. This will give this area a bluish tint. Loss of fat in the tear trough area is seen as early as the late 20s in some patients. This will cause patients to look "tired" all of the time. This is easily and instantly corrected with fillers.


The other areas outlined in the photograph that can be corrected with fillers are:  hollowing under eyes, tear trough deformity and hollowing of the temple area. In some patients, deep lines between the eyebrows must be treated with a combination of a neurotoxin (such as Botox or Xeomin) to stop the repetitive motion AND a filler to lift the indentation or depression caused by the line/wrinkle.


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